Somebody stop me before I make the whole team…

make the whole team


Hug Ramsey?




Somebody stop me before I make the whole team…

make the whole team


Hug Ramsey?

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Yesterday morning, we woke up and started our work-days. Yesterday we weren’t parents.  Today, we have a son.  Sometimes life moves pretty fast.  
When you are trying to adopt, they tell you that the average wait is 11-15 months,
that you’re generally matched with a birthparent 8-12 weeks before the due-date
and that 50% of all matches fall through shortly after delivery or before the adoption is finalized.  We’ve been trying to have a baby for over 5 years now and adoption was something we started trying this summer.  We had not been matched and thus,
when we woke up yesterday morning and went about our work-days, we had no idea 26 hours later, we would be in Maine, meeting our son.  
We don’t have a name yet.  We hope to have one in a day or so - we’re still getting to know him.  What most parents have 9 months to do (and adoptive parents usually have a few months to do) we have been doing in the last 26 hours.  Paperwork, scrambling money, arrangements with employers, packing … we’ve been in shock and almost couldn’t believe it until he was in our arms.  He’s amazing, wonderful, tiny, precious … he’s ours.  
We may be very slow to respond to email, FB, everything else.  We’re in love with our son and he will be in the hospital here for a while longer and thus we will likely be in Maine for a few weeks. Most details will likely be shared on LJ or via email but I’m sure, like most new parents, we will be happy to tell you all about him and the crazy, chaotic, long-struggle but suddenly joy of becoming a family.
Thank you - you amazing, wonderful friends and family who’ve offered love and help and support during this long journey and during the whirlwind of the last many hours.  We are truly grateful and blessed to have you in our lives.

My son.

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A statue entitled ‘The Uplifting and Unifying Power of Flatulence’. Or ‘DC52: A Fart in a Stiff Breeze’. 

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What the fuck? Whitewashing? It’s a danish fairy tale! You can’t just throw in diversity for the sake of it. It has to make sense, thats like if people were like “Why are there only Chinese people in Mulan?” Because it takes place in fucking China before anyone immigrated there!



"typical light hair, fair skinned, blue eyes" The only other Disney princesses that fits that description all the way would be Cinderella and Aurora. The only other one close is Rapunzel. Disney does extremely well with making the animated princesses fit the time period and area they are from. Let me show you a thing.

Alright this is Snow White. The whole reason this is her name is because her skin was as white as the fucking snow. She had hair as black as a raven. And lips as red as a rose. Snow White was originally a GERMAN fairytale. Ya know what color they are in Germany? White….

Now this bitch right here is Cinderella. This movie was made in 1950. Ya know what was going on in 1950? Segregation. So I doubt that in 1950 they would make some black fairytale princess considering Walt Disney was white and all the employees at Disney were white, and I’m sorry but in the 1950’s all the white people were racists. Yes, Walt Disney was fucking racist. But that’s because of when he grew up and how things were. He was actually a pretty loving and kind man and I’m sure that he would’ve had an open mind to ending segregation if he had grew up different. FYI Cinderella is French. French people be white.

This chick right here. Her name is Aurora. Her movie was made in 1969. There were still racist little bastards then. But ya know what, she’s also freaking French. And in her original fairytale her hair was the color of sunshine gold, and lips that shamed the red red rose.

Now meet Ariel. She is often times many people’s favorite cause she’s fun and quirky and her hair looks like a fucking fire truck. Her fairytale is Danish. Danish people are white. The Danish fairytale though? It’s actually based off of stories sailors told of seeing this girl with bright red hair and the tail of a fish. Idk, but have you ever seen a naturally red headed black woman. Cause I haven’t….

Now Belle here is the frenchiest of the French. Her story is actually based in France. Not just a nice fairytale that was made in France. Again, French people are white. But you see light hair on her. No. She is brunette! And she has brown eyes. Nuff said.

Now this…. this is Jasmine. She is not white, she does not have light hair, and she does not have light eyes. She is brown. And beautifully so. And she’s not so sweet and fragile either. She is independent and don’t need no man.She is Arabic and she looks like it. I don’t see any white washing here. See this is where white washing would ACTUALLY come into play. If they made Princess Jasmine, based off of Princess Badroulbadour from an Arabic folk tale, and made her white. A white girl in Agrabah. Nope.

My personal favorite. Pocahontas. Again. No white washing. She is nice and brown, and has nice Indian features. Thing about her? She was a real lady. In fact her sequel actually told her story better than the first one.

Meet mulan. She’s Chinese. She saved China. Nuff said.

This lovely lady is Tiana. She made a lot of ground as being the first black Disney Princess. She was from New Orleans. She’s american. This movie was based in the 1920’s and they did her right because she was a waitress, working 3 jobs just to make a few dollars a day. She lived in the slums/the ghetto with all the other colored folk. They kept it right to the time period they were representing but they also made her fa-boo!

Now this chicky is my girl punzy. She is the first Disney Princess since 1991 that was white. I think 20 years time is a good amount of time to bring in another white Princess. Disney had wanted to do Rapunzel for a long time. She’s one of the classic fairytale princesses. Everyone know who this chick was, but there was no Disney movie about her. The reason why they didn’t she make her movie in the 90’s was because she was white. She was just another, golden haired, fair skinned, damsel in distress. I am soooo happy they waited on this one too. Cause after being in the works for so long they took this story about a chick with long hair being rescued by a Prince, and they made her this barefoot, rebellious, bad-ass, sweetheart, that was magical and already a Princess. In fact her “prince” wasn’t a prince. He was a thief. And the coolest thing, so that she wasn’t just a typical blonde princess, they cut off her hair and it turned brown. So now she’s this edgy but sweet brunette, short-haired, girl. Also, the original fairytale is German, so Disney stayed true to it’s roots and kept her in a German setting.

This is Princess Merida. She is Scottish. Technically white. But still not just some American accent, blonde, white girl. She made a big leap in the Princess world because unlike all the others who are all strong too, she didn’t even find love in the movie. Who knows, maybe they’ll make a sequel a few years later where she’s older and more grown up and she gets married. Fun fact, Brave is loosely based around Scottish folklore of King Fergus.

So yeah, white washing would be if they made the beautiful ethnic ladies here just white. Alot of fairytales come from mainly white countries. Disney is just trying to tell a good story. Maybe they should look more into some Arabic fairytales, maybe some African ones. But all they’re doing is staying true to stories and lands.

I love you.

So here’s my thought on this. Have you seen Thor? Look at the scenes in Asgard. Do all the people in Asgard look Norwegian? Thor could be Norwegian, Fandral probably. Sif, Hogun, Heimdall, not as much. 

So why didn’t Marvel make a movie where are the characters looked Norwegian/Scandanavian? There was a big fuss at the time about Heimdall being black. Why didn’t Marvel go “accurate to the culture”?

Because Thor isn’t a story being told in ancient Norway. Thor is a story being told now. And if I go see a movie now where all the characters are blonde, tall and white, it takes me out of the story because no where in my life do I end up in a place where a crowd of people is all one ethnicity. 

So there’s that aspect of it. These are modern movies, made in modern american culture, so they should look like our culture.

Second thought: Don’t tell me Cinderella has to be white and blonde because that’s how it was in the story, if you don’t include this, because it was also in the story:

The two sisters were happy to hear this, for they had pretty feet. With her mother standing by, the older one took the shoe into her bedroom to try it on. She could not get her big toe into it, for the shoe was too small for her. Then her mother gave her a knife and said, “Cut off your toe. When you are queen you will no longer have to go on foot.”

The girl cut off her toe, forced her foot into the shoe, swallowed the pain, and went out to the prince. 

At the end of Disney’s the Little Mermaid, does Ariel turn into sea foam while the prince goes off to marry someone else? No? Because that’s what happened in the story. Instead, there’s a happy Modern American Ending.

Third, if your movie has a magic talking snowman added for comic relief, it’s not historically accurate. So that is in no way a defense of having an entirely white cast.

It’s great there was Tiana in Princess and the Frog. Pity the movie kinda sucked and her skin was green for the majority of it.

Alot of fairytales come from mainly white countries. Disney is just trying to tell a good story. Maybe they should look more into some Arabic fairytales, maybe some African ones. But all they’re doing is staying true to stories and lands.

I would bet very good money that there’s a good number of stories from any given ethnic background.

If Disney is just trying to tell a good story, then maybe they shouldn’t be so worried about the “historical accuracy” of the cartoons they’re making and focus instead on creating stories which look like their audience and the culture their audience is part of. 

I mean, couldn’t Disney tell just as good a version of the Snow Queen using the indigenous people of northern North America? That’d be awesome. The only other Native American Disney princess we have stars in the story of blond white man [oh wow, we keep coming back to those] coming to the new world and leading the brown people against the terrible settlers [led by a fat white man with black hair, odd that], because the brown people couldn’t do it themselves. 

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okay kida doesnt get enough love around here so here’s the lowdown on my fav disney princess

kidagakash nedakh

  • she’s roughly 8,500 years old, but she appears about 28
  • she’s a WARRIOR PRINCESS who becomes a WARRIOR QUEEN
  • she watched her mother die when she was a toddler
  • shes the only (i repeat ONLY) disney princess to become queen
  • she didnt become queen from marriage, the crown was passed on to her after her father died
  • the reason she is a warrior princess is because the voice actess (cree summer) intimidated the creators
  • she was the first original disney princess, not taken from an adaption or legend

shes basically a bad ass chick who had an entire civilization’s survival on her shoulders and doesnt get the credit she deserves

that’s why she’s not in the Disney Princess lineup. 

Bitch be a motherfucking QUEEN.

"Original Disney Princess" HA!

Check out Nadia Secret of Blue Water.

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Don’t watch young justice okay its a trap they reel you in with cuteness and superheroes and subtle penis jokes and then at the last second when you think its gonna be a happily ever after tHEY FUCKING RIP OUT YOUR HEART AND DO THE FUCKING CUPIDS SHUFFLE ALL OVER YOUR HOPES AND MOTHER FUCKING DREAMS

But watch it anyway

Yep. This.



I have a Spider problem

Spider-Problem, Spider-Problem. Radioactive Spider-Problem.

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"I think there’s a lot to be said for the JudeoChristian idea of absolute good and evil. But sometimes it’s just easier to believe, as the ancient Greeks did, that this universe is being run by drunken, skirt-chasing, egotistical morons."


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So yeah, this is wrong. The “JudeoChristian” idea of good and evil is largely based on the concepts of the Greek Philosophers. A large part of the adoption of Christianity in ancient Greece was that Christians were drawing an explicit link between the philosophical idea of “The Good” and their conception of God. This is what “In the beginning was the Word (logos), and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” The Word here (again, logos) means dialectic, that is, rational reasoning. Also, ancient greek spirituality is not as monolithic as our Greek Myth books would tell us.

So there’s that issue. There’s also the fact that when you say “JudeoChristian”, you’re taking a whole bunch of beliefs which aren’t necessarily similar and lumping them together. Yep, Christianity did spring from Judaism, but the understandings of Good and Evil contained therein are hugely different. For one, in Judaism, Satan is the adversary or the opposer, not necessarily the embodiment of Evil. Beyond that, there’s a long tradition in Jewish thought of struggling with God and trying to understand His actions. This is in large part what the Book of Job is about TLDR: When you decide to lump a minority religion’s beliefs in with your own, you should check your sources along with your privilege.

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Who are the most popular Superheroes on Social Media?

A company named Synthesio who monitors social media has released the infographic above. Interesting to see Catwoman as popular as Spider-Man and Jean Grey mentioned more than Wolverine. Or Wonder Woman. Very interesting. I wonder how much monitoriing they did of Tumblr? Because if they did Loki should be here. 

I’m sorry, Jean Grey is listed as a Villain? 

The fuck?

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All the fuckin’ non-book nerd shit that Barnes & Noble sells now, Legos and deck-building games and fuckin’ vinyl figurines of Domo-kun dressed as Sheldon Cooper dressed as the Flash dressed as Doctor Who as a My Little Pony who’s one of The Walking Dead, Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon cards, Super Mario Monopoly—

—and they can’t stock just a little bit of Heroclix?

Borders used to carry them.

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Ñoñeando con el plástico xd

Why is Beast eating Gambit’s coattails? 

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Most of you probably are aware that I like Emma for Scott, better. A lot of that goes in line with who I personally like more, though. 

I was wondering who you all like for Scott, and your reasons. Maybe you don’t think he is good enough for either. Maybe you think he should move on from both.

So I recently came to a revelation, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Cyclops has been beaten down his entire life. His father disappeared when he was a child and he spent most of his adolescence trying to deal with feeling like he’s cursed by his powers and trying to be a leader, when the actual leadership of the team rests with Xavier. Cyclops tries really hard and doesn’t feel like he gets anywhere, he feels like he constantly has to be in control. The rest of the Original X-Men move on to new parts of their lives, while Cyclops tries to keep on doing what he’s been doing with a new team. 

This new team, though, is made up of adults. Adults with their own experiences. Adults who tell him to shove it. And suddenly, his personal tragedy seems so small. He always has to wear sun glasses, while Nightcrawler can’t go out in public. He lost his parents, while Wolverine lost his entire past and frequently looses grip of his sanity. Cyclops is no longer the hard-luck case he thought he was. He tries to lead, but people challenge him. 

Jean, all along, has been holding back her powers as well, but doing so silently while presenting herself as the perfect young woman. (I read the original Phoenix Storyline as very much a metaphor for women being told by society to hold back their innate strengths and intelligence.) Jean has been retconned to have been having trouble keeping out the thoughts of others, struggling with her powers. She finally loses control and finds a new, unimagined level of power. In a pivotal scene, she removes Scott’s glasses, holding back his optic blast with her powers. At the end of Dark Phoenix, she dies in Scott’s arms. He was unable to save her, because she decided her own fate.

Jean has always been a loving, compassionate person. I imagine she would listen to Scott talking about what a hard time he has trying to lead. She’ll comfort him, she’ll tell him to try harder next time. Maddie Pryor is very much the same. Cyclops can leave the X-Men and they’ll tell him it’s ok, he can try harder next time. 

Emma doesn’t do that shit. Emma tells Scott to get over himself and fricking lead already. While Jean spent much of her life trying to be a good girl and pretend she didn’t have omega-level powers, Emma took her powers, used them to take the role of White Queen, create Frost Industries, to create Massachusetts Academy. She doesn’t have time to Scott whining. After years of being with Emma, Cyclops has changed. He’s rejected Xavier’s philosophy, and chosen his own. He’s put survival first and rejected the approval of others. His speech at the beginning of UXM vol 2 basically states this. The world will respect him, he will make them.

So here’s the revelation I had, Jean and Logan are made for one another.

Taking Jean and Phoenix as the same, as established by Morrison, Jean has an inborn force of destruction in her. Logan knows what this is like. Logan and she are kindred spirits. Logan is functionally immortal. The Phoenix is a force of death and rebirth. Every time Jean is reborn, she’ll die again.

And every time she’s reborn, Logan will be there waiting for her.

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i made a makeup tutorial for all my fellow feminists out there bye

"Now, set the foundation with the powdered ashes of Susan B. Anthony."

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These are all extremely fair points

Still true.

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