Mass Effect HeroClix

These were done as a commission for one of the folks I play with to give to his best friend.  It was a rather challenging project for me in many ways, because I wasn’t familiar with the source material at all. 

Shepard was the first completed. I posted a draft of him a few months back. He’s 80%  sculpt over War Machine from Armor Wars. “Sculpt Over” is the term I use for when I remove details from an existing HeroClix figure, then add new ones with Green Stuff. Sculpt Over generally preserves most of the original pose, but changes the overall look of the character. The gun for Shepard is from Cable from Mutant Mayhem, with some significant alternations. I didn’t manage to do accurate guns for either of the other figs, sadly. I love how crisply the red/white stripes came out on the side of his armor. 

Miranda Lawson, unlike most of the images I found of her, is fully clothed. She’s a sculpt over of Sage from Supernova. The Cosplayer I used as a primary reference had photoshopped in an Omnitool (the glowy hand, for my fellow non-ME players), which I included. The hand is from Mano from Origin, with a shard of plastic from a pill bottle attached.

Garrus Vakarian (who, apparently, is an awesome character) is a 90% sculpt over of August General in Iron from Batman. He was a pain in the ass to find a base for. August General eventually was workable, but only after massive amounts of sculpt were added. The photos don’t show it, but I sculpted from head to toe on him, changing the shape of his feet, adding new hands. The gun is Bishop’s from Mutant Mayhem, extended out to being a rifle. 

The dials are Grifter, Diamondback and Deadshot, respectively. 

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